Adam Dej


Adam Dej − versatile open source and open hardware devotee and developer


dej [−−maker] [−−developer C|C++|JAVA|Python|JavaScript|other] [−−student] [−−embedded−developer AVR|ARM]


I’m a student and developer with experience in Android development, Java development and embedded systems. I enjoy learning how every layer of a system works, and using this knowledge to design and create systems which combine multiple technologies efficiently (e.g. an embedded device communicating with an Android application with a server backend).

Currently I’m working as a developer in Anritsu Solutions SK, where my tasks include Java development, unit testing, Android development and embedded development. I’m also studying Informatics at Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University in Bratislava.

The area I’m working in and studying is also my hobby. I build various projects because I believe I can contribute something positive, or sometimes just for fun and to learn how things work. Even if the project itself is pointless for me, the journey (and the obtained knowledge) is the reward. Apart from IT I enjoy skiing, biking, archery and B/W photography on film (including custom processing).


Mild case of NIH syndrome. Sometimes I like to reinvent the wheel (for the sake of knowledge!). This bug manifests itself only in hobby projects.

Complaint verbosity about misbehaved proprietary systems is too high.


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