Adam Dej

My first trip to the land of film photography

I was introduced to the world of B/W film photography by a friend, and I’ve decided to try it, including developing the film myself. This is how it went down.

For quite some time I’ve had in my possesion several old cameras. I wasn’t using them until now. The oldest one I have is Flexaret III, more than 65 years old. It is a Twin Lens Reflex camera manufactured by Meopta in Czechoslovakia. The camera is fully mechanical, equipped with Mirar II 80/3.5 and Prontor-SVS (B, 1-1/300s) shutter. It uses 120 roll film.

Flexaret III I wondered whether the camera still works, and was given two films, Fomapan 100 and Fomapan 200. After destroying the Fomapan 100 film by rewinding it too much ( :( ) I’ve sucessfully loaded Fomapan 200, and with tutoring of a friend took first photos.

Taking a first photo

After exposing the film it was time to pay a visit to the dark room. For this was the first time I was developing a film on my own I’ve written a simple checklist and had it checked by a responsible person. I’ve used Rodinal developer and Fomafix fixer at 24° C. At this temperature processing time went down from 9 minutes to about 6. This was my process (disclaimer: This is not necessarily correct, nor are these instructions for the general public, it is just a log of what I’ve done):

Using this process I was able to sucessfully develop the film on the first try.

Developed film

The end of the film is destroyed, along with 2 pictures, because the film was not wound tightly enough on the takeup reel and the end was exposed to daylight. One frame is skipped at the beginning of the film, again, due to an error in rewinding it, but the remaining 8 pictures are looking good :).

The next step is to make prints out of these, but it will be a different story sometime later.